Price Guide

Open and transparent prices is one of my Key Business Morals. Some traders will hide behind sales literature and small print and then sting you with a big bill.  I insist that you know how much a job should cost before I start work and I hope that my comprehensive price-list below will give you confidence in my work, even if an unexpected problem occurs.

Most work can be carried out under my normal hourly rates:

  Off-Site On-Site
Domestic Office Hours 9am - 5pm £25.00 £30.00
Domestic Outside Office Hours £30.00 £35.00
Professional Office Hours 9am - 5pm £30.00 £35.00
Professional Outside Office Hours £55.00 £70.00

The prices above are per hour. The minimum charge is one hour and charged thereafter in half-hour blocks or part thereof.

Important Notes: Transport costs are waived for sites in East Devon.  Other sites are subject to transport costs of £0.50 per mile, measured from EX10 0DH, for the return journey. Domestic rates are applicable to all Home and Home-Office queries, and Workstation, Clients, and all peripherals. Professional rates are applicable for all Server products, and all Commercial, Retail, Industrial or otherwise Business clients.

Please see the Support pages for information about Technical Support Contracts.

Common Jobs and Guideline Prices

ADSL/Cable Router Installation Labour £30 Stand-In 1st Line Support (Sickness cover) £200 day
Standard Laptop / PC Service Labour from £30 Stand-In 2nd Line Support (Sickness cover) £280 day
Advanced Laptop / PC Service Labour from £50 Fixed Price Laptop / LCD Screen Labour £25
Upgrade Appraisal £25 (or £10 with an other service) Operating System Health-Check £30
Shared Peripheral Installation from £25 DJ PC Prep (OS Prep, App Inst and Intro) from £75
Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT Rebuild £40 Parts: Replacement Domestic ADSL / Cable Router £50 - £120
Windows XP or NT Rebuilds with SATA or SCSI £50 Parts: Replacement PC Motherboard £50 - £300
Windows Vista / 7 Rebuilds £70 Parts: Replacement IDE Hard Drive 100Gb £75
Rebuild Data backup / Restore per 10Gb £10 Parts: Replacement SATA Hard Drive 500Gb £120
Password recovery (Break-In) from £25 Parts: Laptop LCD Screen replacement £30 - £400
Server recovery from good backup £250 - £800 Parts: DDR2 DRAM Memory per 1Gig £20 - £60
Server recovery from partial backup £500 + Parts: Replacement Graphics Card £10 - £300
OS and Exchange Server Install £350 Parts: Laptop RAM per 1Gb £30 - £100


Web Hosting Prices

Please see my new Web Design and Hosting Services page, click here...

I am not VAT registered so no VAT is payable on the fees above. You will be issued with a full receipt for any work completed.  Immediate payment terms apply for domestic and new customers; when you become a regular business customer I will be happy to offer 28 day credit facilities